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Specializing in Newborn, Children & Family Photography

Newborn photography goes beyond the click of the camera. I aim to showcase these fleeting moments with tenderness and care. Swaddling them in soft fabrics, using soft lighting, letting our camera capture the purest form of existence.

Childhood is the innocents in the purest form, it's important to me that your children feel at ease. This involves not just capturing their photo, but also forming a connection with them. Being friendly, patient, and understanding usually helps melt away any initial shyness, helping them truly be themselves!

I want to grow with your family and continue to document the bonds between you and your children. Family photography is all about capturing the love, laughter, and unspoken emotions that ties your family together. Whether it's a candid moment of shared giggles, a gentle touch, or a loving gaze, I aim to showcase the connections that make each family unique.

Why hire a Newborn photographer?

Each day your baby (or babies!) grow and change. I have the knowledge, experience, and skills to capture beautiful images of your baby. I understand how to handle and pose newborns safely, ensuring the baby's comfort and well-being throughout the photo shoot. Newborn sessions can be time-consuming, as babies may need frequent feeding, diaper changes, and comforting. I am patient and accustomed to working with babies to make sure you get the photos you are looking for!

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My Studio is located Buhl, Idaho

In my studio, every detail matters. We have a variety of props, wraps, backdrops, and more to make every session a success! I pay particular attention to the angle of the lighting, to create the perfect shot. The smaller scale of my studio allows for a more intimate experience of a boutique-style studio! I want my clients to relax and enjoy the experience. There is no hustle and bustle of a larger studio!

I limit the number of clients I work each day to maintain quality and individualized attention. I want each of my clients to feels important and never rushed!

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