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Twin Falls, Idaho is a stunning location offering the best picturesque backdrop for your maternity photoshoot. Places like Shoshone Falls, Dierkes Lake, Perrine Bridge, Rock Creek Park, and so much more! The combination of scenic landscapes, and the radiant glow of an expectant mothers makes Twin Falls a dream destination for a maternity photoshoot.

Twin Falls has some of the most amazing sunset. Scheduling your maternity photography session during the "golden hours" – that magical time shortly after sunrise or just before sunset when the soft, warm light creates a dreamy atmosphere. The soft, golden hues will accentuate your pregnancy glow and complement your natural beauty!

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When is the best time to take my maternity photos?

The best time is between 28-36 weeks gestation. we do offer discounts of maternity sessions if you book your newborn also.

What should I wear?

I suggest a dress that has an empire waist or can be tided above your belly. Layers can add a beautiful touch, such as having a hat, cardigan, or a knit shawl.

What is the best time of day for my photoshoot?

Golden Hour!.. always at golden hour which is about an hour before sunset. I check sunset time and plan to start the session at least one hour before sunset!

Do you offer maternity sessions in your studio?

Yes absolutely, no matter the time of year if you don't want to go outside for a maternity session our studio is a great option, In cold winter months it can be tough to find pretty locations if there isn't fresh snow. In these cases the studio is a great option!

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Maternity collections start @ $249