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Safety is absolute first priority. I understand the importance of keeping your little one safe and comfortable during the session. I am well-trained in handling and posing newborns while prioritizing their well-being. Rest assured that your baby will be in safe hands throughout the photoshoot. I understand the unique needs and challenges of working with babies and can create a safe and comfortable environment for your little one during the shoot.

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Learn more about what to expect at your newborn photography session!

The best time to photograph a newborn is typically within the first three weeks of life. Newborns change rapidly during this period, and capturing those early days can result in beautiful and precious images. Here are some considerations for timing a newborn photoshoot:

  1. Newborns are the most sleepy and flexible during those first few weeks of life, photographing them in the first few weeks makes the it easier to pose them for those adorable photos you are hoping for.
  2. Babies are typically happier in the morning hours, we prefer to photograph them before the late afternoon hours.
  3. If possible try and have your baby fed before the session begins. A full baby is usually a content baby. (However we take breaks when needed for feeding, diaper changes, comforting, ext.)
  4. We keep our studio warm! we want the baby to be comfortable and warm! We suggest parents wear layers for their comfort.
  5. Patience is key! Newborns are human with real human discomforts. Sometimes we need to take breaks for baby to get comforted!
  6. Safety is the absolute first priority! We do not do dangerous poses. We have safety training on how to safely pose your baby!
  7. We love to include Family and sibling shots! However, we do schedule those either at the beginner or end of the session to minimize the disturbing of the sleeping baby!

Remember that every baby is unique, and there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to newborn photography. I am flexible, I follow the baby's cues, and prioritize their comfort and safety above all else. I hope to be considered as y0ur professional newborn photographer!

Contact Kausha 208-598-0093

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