Hi there my name is Kausha! Thank you so much for visiting my website. I'm the proud owner of Oh My Kosh Photography.

A few years ago, we welcomed our twin boys into this world. It was a moment filled with joy, and very sleepless nights, but an overwhelming sense of love. During those early days, I couldn't help but capture every precious moment on camera. They would be my last two babies, making every moment that past a last for us.

I realized the joy it brought me documenting children through a lens. They were more than just pictures; they were memories of a time that was passing all too quickly!

This newfound perspective inspired me to start photographing not only my own babies, but the babies of friends and family. As I delved into this art, I found that those cute little smiles, the first yawns, and the way they would curl up as if still in the womb – these were moments worth preserving.

Word spread about my newborn photography skills, and soon, I was receiving requests from other new parents who wanted to capture the same magic in their lives. It became a passion and a business, and my journey in newborn photography began.