what to wear!

How do you choose what to wear to your maternity photoshoot?

You're in you last trimester, the home stretch! Now it is time to capture that beautiful growing belly! You have found your photographer and now you are stuck wondering what on earth do I wear? I got you girl! For starters your everyday outfit choices are not what you want to wear. I know you have been living in those leggings and over sized t-shirts you stole from your husband, but it is your time to shine! What you have in your closet may not be what photographs best. So it is time to start shopping!

What season is it?

Choose a color pallet that is best for the season that you are taking your photos in. It is best to wear a color that will compliment the season well. For instance you may want to avoid a bright yellow dress in the dead of winter!

Helpful tip you are here to show off that bump! I know black is slimming, but you don't want to hide your bump. I recommend staying away from dark colors such as black or navy blue.

Spring palette

This is a great choice for colors for a spring time photoshoot! These are soft colors that compliment the season well

Summer Palette

Moving into summer you want to avoid any bold colors. I recommend choosing a soft or light color to give it that light and airy summer feel!

Fall Palette

Truth be told fall is my personal favorite! Fall colors are so romantic and bold! bold olive green is about as dark as I would go I also love burnt orange.

Winter Palette

I personally hate winter outdoor photoshoot unless we have fresh snow on the ground. In Idaho we have to go to the hills to find snow and pine trees. but these can also make for some really beautiful photos if you wear a color that compliments the weather and scenery.

Find something that shows off your silhouette!

You want to find a dress that flares out with an empire waist line! I personally say to avoid dresses that are snug under the belly. (mermaid style dresses) you want to show off that belly with a dress that allows for some movement! Floor length dress is preferred. Avoid dresses that are too long. You don't want to risk tripping over the train of the dress, especially while you are pregnant.

How to choose a fabric?

For starters I recommend avoiding stiff cotton! It doesn't allow any movement, and wrinkles very easy. Also, for the same reasons I recommended staying away from mermaid style dresses, I would also avoid super stretchy materials. This kind of material is snug tight and shows every imperfection. We don't want to see pantie lines and bra lines that is not very flattering.

Fabrics I recommend are polyester, rayon, gauze, crepe, and lace! These fabrics allow for movement, don't wrinkle easy, and photograph well. Additionally, you want to be wearing proper under garments. Shapewear is a great option under your dress. It will give a seamless and smooth look. If you find a shapewear uncomfortable seamless underwear are a great alternative!

Patterns or Solid Colors?

You can't go wrong with a solid color! The only pattern I would stay clear are bold very contrasting patterns. For instance, you wouldn't want to wear a black and white poke-a-dot dress, or any other pattern that is bold with a very contracting back ground. But some materials such as lace have a subtle pattern that adds nice texture!

What should my partner wear?

Refer back to your color palette choose a color that compliments, but not the same color. You don't want to blend together. A nice solid button up or henley shirt is always a good choice. Same goes for kids, If you are adding children to the photo make sure your children compliment you, but don't blend in. You can always run outfit ideas past your photographer they can help guide you! Remember you are the star of the show what you wear is always chosen first, everyone else is secondary!

Adding Accessories

Hats, and cardigans are a fantastic way to add some texture and interest to your photos. I would avoid any chunky watches, earring, necklaces, or bracelets. These item are too trendy! Meaning, they don't help give your photos that timeless look you want! When choosing your jewelry keep it simple! Stud earrings, short chain petite necklaces, small chain bracelets ect. Nothing flashy!

Hair and Makeup

It is important to think about your hair and makeup. You may want to consider hiring a professional. I don't recommend wearing your hair up. I think having your hair down and curled gives texture and movement to your photos. Makeup needs to be done in a way that photographs well, This is different than the way you may apply your everyday makeup. My sister is cosmetologist in Twin Falls, Idaho. She specializes in wedding hair and is extremely talented. I also have a couple makeup artist that I can refer that will make you feel like a million bucks!