Welcome to my studio!

This past summer my husband and I bought a 12X20 shed and converted it to be my studio. I like to call it my "Shedio".

My studio space is geared toward working with newborns, babies, milestone, cake smash, and maternity. Even though it is a smaller space I have found that I don't need too much space to get the job done!

It is all about organization and storage methods! I am a bit of a neat freak, I love organizing spaces and making them feel cozy. I really want my clients to be able to just sit back and relax and let me do what I am trained to do!

My studio lives in my back yard in Buhl, Idaho. It is nice to walk out the back door and be at work!


We purchased a lofted shed, this was such a great way to have extra hidden storage, right as you walk into the front door of the studio we have a 4ft loft above your head. This is nice cause the things stored up there are not visible to my clients. Most have no idea it is above their heads. In the loft I store props that I don't use as frequently. It helps to give me more floor space and more storage space!

I have bought some closet storage racks have are 10ft long and placed them on the wall to store my wraps, basket stuffers, and flokati rugs on top. Under the racks I have some plastic drawers to store my newborn, and sitter outfits. I use a small curtain rod to clip my newborn tie-back headbands to.

One of the smartest things I did was paint my whole studio white. I use the walls of my studio as my back drop for most of my session. The studio has only one window. We placed this right next to the front door, This allowed me more wall space. Also, I prefer to control my light source with my studio lighting, so this meant less black out shades to buy.

On the wall to the left I had my husband install metal plates. this allowed for me to hang my bigger back drop with magnets. I figured this out when I did my Christmas Mini session. When you use a backdrop stand you lose 2ft or so of room from the wall. Plus backdrop stands are a real pain in the butt! They are clunky, and annoying to have to set up and take down.

Temperature Control

We had to wire electrical to the shed. We dug a huge trench down the side of our home to make it to the shed. The Studio now has it's own breaker box. Yes this was one of the more expensive parts of the project. But by doing this we had enough electricity to the shed that we were able to do a spit unit on the wall. This allows for heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. The studio can be nice and toasty for a newborn session in about an hour in the dead of winter!