Locations in southern, Idaho for photography

You really want family pictures, or updated portraits of your kids. Finding a photographer is always the first step, then it is time to figure out the location. This is one of the more challenging things. You may want to start by asking your photographer where they recommend. Depending on the time of year some locations may be better than others. Typically your photographer will have a better knowledge of what locations are best for the time of year that you are scheduled,

However, I am here to share some of my personal favorites! I don't do a ton of outdoor photography, but when I do these are my top 5 locations of choice!

Twin Falls, Idaho Temple

This Twin Falls, Temple may not be a place you have ever through to check out. Especially if you are not a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you may be too shy to even go and walk around the temple. I promise you it is absolutely breath taking. Starting in the spring when the flowers bloom it truly is so beautiful! Photographers prefer if the sun can be setting to their subjects back, lucky for you, the back side of the temple is facing west! This makes for the perfect golden hour sunset session! This last summerI hosted a group of mini sessions where I took young girls there, and we did dreamy portrait sessions. I plan to do this every year, the photos where truly breath taking!

Caldron Linn Murtaugh, Idaho

Star falls, also more commonly known as Caldron Linn Falls, features an epic waterfall! It is on the Snake River near Murtaugh, Idaho just outside of the city of Twin Falls, Idaho. This location is truly a hidden gem! Since I more commonly photograph small children, this wouldn't be my first choice of location for my little clients Truth be told, I am terrified of heights and moving water! So with that being said I wouldn't recommend you taking your clients with very small children to this location. Also, it is a bit of a hike down to the falls, I would keep that in mind of you have a harder time getting around. This location can render some phenomenal photographs! I most commonly have taken my maternity clients here!

This location is maybe not the safest on the winter months I am not sure about road closures.

Dierkes Lake Twin Falls, Idaho

Dierkes lake is not just a perfect spot to take a dip in the water. It features a very majestic scenery. It is located in the snake river canyon east of Twin Falls, Idaho. It is a family friendly location. It is a pathed road down the snake river grade. Also, it is not a far walk from the car to get an amazing scenery. This is the perfect location for families that have little kids, there is little area for them to get hurt. Side note, make sure if you are photographing smaller kids that you bring an assistant or make sure that an older sibling or parent has a close eye on the little ones. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt during your photoshoot.

This location, is not an option during the winter months, the grade down is not maintained during the winter and the road is closed to traffic. I guess if you are feeling real adventurous you can hike back to it!

South Hills

When I have clients that want to book in the winter I secretly cringe. Southern Idaho typically doesn't get consistent enough snowfall to guarantee a beautiful white backdrop. Unfortunately Southern, Idaho is a dessert that is just gross shades of brown, grey, and dead vegetation in the winter! There isn't really a great location that has pretty pine trees and white snow, unless you want to travel to the hills. Which I highly recommend for beautiful snowscape photographs. The south Hills is about a 40min drive south of Hansen, Idaho. You don't have to go far past Magic Mountain Resort to find a beautiful location that will ensure the pine trees and snow that you desire out of a winter photography session.

Rock Creek Park Twin Falls, Idaho

Rock Creek Park, Is the most family friendly location! It even features a play ground for the restless littles! The park is located on the North side of high way 30 in Twin Falls, Idaho. Only 1/4 of a mile from the county west building (formally known as the old hospital) It is open year round, you don't have to worry about road closures. I have taken many families, maternity, and seniors to this location. I even photographed my first wedding here. Nope I am not your wedding photographer! However, I know plenty of professionals in the area that I can recommend.