Photographer have a language of their own!

Photographers tend to speak a language of their own. While booking your session it is common to want to know what kind of photos to expect. Your photographer may say they do table posing. You may ask yourself "what in the world is table posing? What does that even mean?" Well let me show you what we mean when we say the term table posing, bed posing or bean bag posing. These are just a variety of poses where the baby is placed on a flat surface covered by a blanket stretched really tight! These poses are among some of my personal favorites. It is a timeless approach to newborn photography. though I also love placing a baby in a prop but the simplicity of table posing is just so precious in my personal opinion.

Bum up

This pose that is probably most common and most requested from my clients. It really show cases your babies little rolls and shows off their sweet little face at the same time


This is a pose were your baby is rolled in half like a little taco!

Side- Lay

This is where we place you baby on their side with their heads closest to the camera and their feet going off in the distance

Hands on Chin

This is my personal favorite! Your baby is placed on their belly when they hands flat on top of each other and they head on top of their hands,

Huck- Finn

Your baby is placed on their backs and they legs are folded up in a crossed position


They are in a postion that looks like they are tucked in for bed we like to add a teddy bear or stars and moons above them for cuteness!


This pose people may freak out a bit until they see it be done in the studio, the safety of your baby is always the main priority and this pose is always done safely, that is what makes newborn photographers so cool is they can take two photos and combine them to make one beautiful photo