Wall of Hope

Four years ago I found out that I was pregnant! I was overwhelmed with joy to welcome our third child into this world. I knew my boys would make amazing big brothers, and I longed for another baby so badly. The news that I was expecting was definitely exciting! At my first OB appointment we had an ultrasound scheduled, this is when we found out that we were expecting twins! I wasn't sure if I should cry or laugh...needless to say I did a little of both! After the initial shock wore off, I settled into the idea that I needed to prepare for two babies now! I couldn't wait to find out their genders, I secretly prayed that at least one would be a girl. I already had two little boys, so I hoped for a little girl! Well the day arrived where we got to know their genders. No girls! two more little boys! I can't lie I was slightly disappointed, but that didn't last long. The excitement that I now got to find cute matching outfits for two little boys out weighed any disappointment! Yep, they are three now, and I still match them the same every day! That is one of my favorite parts of being a twin momma!

My pregnancy went really smooth for the first two trimesters then suddenly at 30 weeks pregnant I started to have regular contractions, by 31 weeks I ended up hospitalized at St Lukes hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho. I was dilated to five centimeters. It didn't look like I would be able to remain pregnant much longer. Medical staff was amazing, they quickly gave me medication to slow contractions. They also administered medication to help develop their lungs. This allowed me two more weeks! At 33 weeks gestation I welcomed two beautiful baby boys into this world. They were quickly moved from the labor room ,and transferred to the St Luke's Twin Falls, Idaho NICU unit. My baby A (William) was just four pounds and my baby B (Lincoln was four pounds and four ounces) This started our long NICU journey. The hardest part was being released from the hospital empty handed. My days there after consisted of 12 hours day in the hospital, snuggling my sweet boys! Everyday I would pray they would grow faster, and be able to join the rest of the family. Lincoln got to come home first after 23 days, and William followed just three days later! This brought the total to 26 days in the NICU! I grew to have a great respect for all the nursing staff. Those NICU nurses are truly sent straight from heaven. Not only did they take great care of my babies, they also helped me through a very emotional time in my life.

Three years later the NICU director reached out to me to see if I would like to have my children be apart of a project where we took a now and then picture. She said they were just trying to find a photographer. I jumped at the opportunity to be the photographer for this amazing project. While my babies where hospitalized many times I felt so hopeless. I remember reaching out to anyone I knew that had previously been in my situation. I was searching for any hope any of them could offer me. up some When she director told me they wanted to take these photos and display them on the wall outside of the NICU and call in the "Hall of Hope" it brought tears to my eye's. It truly was such an amazing idea, and I know from experience this will bring encouragement to many parents!